How to Buy a Plan

On at the page of the plan of your choice, click the “Add to Cart” button.

Click the “View Cart” at the top of the page.

Remember to complete your billing info and e-mail address

Method of payment :

: Bank Transfer = EFT transfer

Click “SAVE”

Check the “Terms & Conditions” box.

Click “Check Out” and then “Confirm Order”

We will then be notified of the order for the plan.

Once we receive the order and proof of payment we will mail the order to you within 5 working days.

The price includes digital copies (PDF,Sans 10400 forms) of plans without the Site Plan as we do not place the plan on your stand.

The plans are correct for the council, however, you will need a competent person to place your stand on a site plan and see to approval by council.
You buy the plans “as is”

We supply you with an e-mail package including:

– Plan Layouts in PDF Format,

– Sans 10400

We do not see or are responsible for:

Council approval
Any changes to be made on the plans (unless agreed upon before sale)


Normal EFT Transfer can be made to:


Acc. Name : House Plans

Current a/c: 62234804252

FNB Zambesi Drive 230145

 Please provide your name and Plan number as reference.

(Without this information we won’t know to whom to send the plans.)

A-Con Designs is our preferred Architect to provide site plan and also do submissions in Pretoria Region

Follow this link :  Plan Submission A-Con Designs